The Southern Review of Books is a publication of the MFA program at Queens University of Charlotte. Founded in 2020 and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we’re dedicated to exploring contemporary literature from diverse voices in the American South and beyond. Every week, we publish new book and film reviews, author interviews, and more.

Our cicada logo was designed by Charlotte’s own Dan Stosich. The cicada’s name is McCullers.

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Adam Morgan – Founding Editor
Chelsea Risley – Editor-in-Chief
Amy R. Martin – Daily Editor
Anna Harris-Parker – Daily Editor
Chaney Hill – Daily Editor
Jennette Holzworth – Daily Editor
Mary Miller – Editor-at-Large, Mississippi
Shani Raine Gilchrist – Editor-at-Large, South Carolina
Genevieve Hudson – Editor-at-Large, Alabama
Sara Cutaia Mantzoros – Editor-at-Large, Texas
Mesha Maren – Editor-at-Large, West Virginia
Aram Mrjoian – Editor-at-Large, Florida
Nick White – Editor-at-Large, Mississippi
Wiley Cash – Editor-at-Large, North Carolina
Amber Sparks – Editor-at-Large, Washington, D.C. (it counts)
Aruni Kashyap – Editor-at-Large, Georgia

Board of Advisors

Melissa Bashor
Gisele Firmino
Fred Leebron


As of 2023, the Southern Review of Books is all-volunteer, including our board of directors, editorial staff, and contributing writers. We hope to offer compensation in the future, but until then we recommend submitting to paying outlets first.

If you’re still interested in reviewing books or films, interviewing authors, or otherwise contributing to the SRB, email us at editors@southernreviewofbooks.com with a link to your writing (personal websites are fine; no attachments, please).

Note that with a few exceptions, we cover new books the same month they’re published, and we avoid conflicts of interest when assigning review coverage (i.e., no personal connections between critics and authors).

Contributing Writers

Alan Baumel
Alex Kuzio
Allison Manley
Amy Martin
Amy Mercer
Aubrey Cofield
Bobby Karmi
Bradley Sides
Carrie Teresa Sage
Chaney Hill
Claire O’Brien
Cliff Garstang
Cyndie Zikmund
Dean Jobb
Don Rath
Ellis Elliott
Ellen Birkett Morris
Erin Hoover
Jackie Hutchins
Janyce Wardlaw
Jason Gallimore
Jennette Holzworth
Jenny Maattala
Jessi Rae Morton
Jonathan Haupt
Jordan Zachary
Justin Evans
Kate Murphy
Katharine Armbrester
KT Sparks
Lacey Lyons
Lisa Roeder
Matthew Duffus
Michel Sabbagh
Monika Dziamka
Nancy Williard
Nicole Yurcaba
Nikki Leahy
Patrick Willwerth
Rachael Greene
Rachel Lutwick-Deaner
Timothy Davis
Wendi Berry

Previous Editors

Donna Tallent – Senior Editor
Huong Trinh – Daily Editor
Jessica Bedford – Daily Editor
Mandy Kline – Daily Editor
Sara Beth West – Daily Editor
Amber Wheeler Bacon – Daily Editor
E.J. Batiste – Art Director
Mara Davis Price – Daily Editor